How to choose a dog collar, harness and leash?

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For puppies, the collar is good, the chest strap will affect the growth and development of the dog, but the adult dog does not have this problem.

It should be noted that for wild dogs, such as dogs who like to rampage, the collar is easy to hurt the throat, so it is recommended to use a chest strap for more active dogs.

The specific differences are:

1. The advantage of the collar is that it has strong control. If a dog in a normal family chooses a collar, the dog will be tamed very quickly, because the neck is the most sensitive place. With a little force, the dog's behavior can be restrained and aided. Train your dog.

However, the collar also has its shortcomings. Long-term wear can easily damage the hair on the neck of the long-haired dog. Therefore, you should choose a collar with a good texture, such as leather, or wrap it with soft cotton, which has good air permeability and will also damage the hair. will be much lower.

If you wear it for a long time, do not use plastic or other materials with poor ventilation, which will not only damage the hair but also the skin.

If you can, it is best to wear a collar for your dog from a young age to help him get used to it. Dogs will reject collars once they are used to the harness.

Dogs who have been using collars since childhood should wear collars as little as possible to protect their hair when they do not go out. Some large dogs, which need to be worn for a long time, also need to remove the collar and comb the neck hair every day to maintain health.

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