How to put on the dog leash chest harness? Mainly divided into these four steps

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The premise of raising a dog in a civilized way is to walk the dog on a leash, so that it will not cause panic among the people around. Ordinary collar ropes are easy to strangle the dog's neck. Once the dog runs away, the shovel officer has to tighten the rope and "hang" it back, which is a kind of harm to the dog. The chest harness type leash can avoid this situation well, so how to put on the dog leash chest harness? It is mainly divided into these four steps:

1. Unfasten the buckle of the chest strap and place it on the ground in an "8" shape;

After taking out the chest strap, unfasten the buckle and place the strap on the ground in the shape of an "8". Note that it is a horizontal "8", not vertically.

2. Put the dog's two front feet into the two circles of "8" respectively;

Put the dog's two front feet into the "8" circle. If the dog is not willing, you can lure it with a small snack, sprinkle a little snack on the ground, and then put its feet on it.

3. Adjust the tightness of the chest strap, the front chest strap cannot be stuck under the dog's armpit, nor can it affect the activity of the dog's shoulder blades;

After the dog's front legs are covered, you can pull up the strap and adjust the angle of the shoulder strap. Be careful not to get stuck on its neck and armpit. It should be just enough to protect the dog's chest. This muscle is strong and not afraid. Le. Care should also be taken to allow free movement of the dog's shoulder blades.

4. After the chest harness is sorted, wrap the buckle around the dog's back and buckle it.

Adjust the tightness of the chest harness, then wrap the buckle rope around the dog's back, and fasten the buckle from the back. The leash is generally connected to the buckle on the back, so that when the dog is pulled, it will not "lift" its neck, and the dog will be more comfortable when walking the dog.

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