How to identify the quality of pet toys

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To distinguish the quality of pet toys, look at the material composition, pet toy materials, tension, and torsion color fastness to meet the national GB6675 standard, pet toys that have been monitored by national standards are qualified, and pet toys from some small manufacturers may have added formaldehyde. Excessive content, unqualified materials, etc. In addition, bite resistance, wear resistance, waterproof and corrosion resistance are important factors for the good quality of pet toys. We all know that many pets like dogs are born to hunt and bite. Therefore, the design and production of pet toys must take it into consideration. The second is to look at the appearance and the shape of the product. If the quality of the pet toy passes the test, but the shape is crooked, it will be difficult for many wholesalers to sell the goods. Oh good to sell. The last point is that there is no proof. When choosing pet toys, you should look at the test report. The test report of pet toys is the guarantee of its performance. When you buy pet toys, you must remember to ask the pet toy manufacturer for the test report. and warranty certificate.

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