How to measure measurements before buying pet clothes

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The first circumference where the neckline is located: neck circumference

The so-called neck circumference refers to the circumference of your baby's neck. In other words, it is the circumference of the position where the collar is usually worn. This position is the location of the neckline of a piece of clothing. The neckline should not be too fat, and it should not be too narrow. Measure and release one centimeter!

If your dog is in the developmental period, and you also want the clothes to be worn by the dog for a long time, then when measuring the neck circumference, let out a little more, about two centimeters. Otherwise, the neck circumference needs to be measured accurately and controlled within one centimeter as much as possible to prevent the penetration of cold wind.

The fattest part of the second circumference: bust

Where is the pet's bust? Specifically, it refers to the circumference of the widest part of their front legs. Usually, this is also the fattest part of the pet's body, because the hair in this place is thick. There is a lot of meat, so the accuracy of the measurement is difficult to grasp. Generally, at least two to three centimeters should be released.

Before measuring the bust, it is best to let the dog eat. Because the chest circumference will change significantly after the dog eats, so the data measured in this state should prevail. Clothes chosen in this way will fit the dog very well, and even if he is just full, he will not feel the clothes are too tight.

The third circumference that is different from other places: body length

The body length referred to here is not their entire body length, but the length from the back of their neck (back stalk) to the base of the tail. It should be noted that when measuring the body length, be sure to let your pet stand up straight and the body Fully extended, do not lie on your stomach or lying down, which will greatly reduce the accuracy of the measurement scale.

This measurement needs to be more precise. Because, if the measurement result is too small, the dog's body will not be fully protected; on the contrary, if the measurement result is too large, the selected pet clothes will affect the dog's activities. Either way, the clothes you choose are definitely not the right fit, and the dog is more likely to wear it strangely. So, dear friends, you should measure your length carefully!

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