The practice of pet dog clothes

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Winter is coming, your dog has no new clothes yet, come with me now to learn how to make new clothes for your dog.

First of all: neck circumference, the so-called neck circumference, also refers to the circumference of your baby's neck, this position is the location of the neckline of a piece of clothing, the neckline should not be too fat, and it should not be too narrow. Generally, one centimeter can be measured! The circumference of the widest place at the base of the front legs is also the fattest place on the body of pets. Since this place is thick and fleshy, the correctness of the measurement is difficult to grasp. Generally, at least two measurements should be released. to three centimeters.

Then I started to do it, choose a beautiful cartoon canvas, the width of the canvas should be slightly larger than the dog's bust, the length of the cloth = the length of the shoulder to the front leg + the length from the shoulder to the tail + the length from the tail to the back leg

Next, cut a slit along the center line of the front end of the fabric. This slit is actually the pink line of the dog's two front legs. Cut the length of the front end of the fabric = the length of the dog's front legs from the chest to the ankle

Cut a slit on both sides of the pattern cloth, the length of the cut and the uncut length should be equal, and then fold the cut cloth, this is the small sleeves we make for the dog's front legs. That's it for the front legs.

Next, we start cutting back, fold the cloth in half, and cut a slash at the back of the patterned cloth, so that the dog's butt can be exposed.

Then we also need to add a piece of cloth around the chest to the front of the dog's clothes. This cloth can be made wider and stronger when it is made, and moderate when it is made narrow. The length of the fabric is just to the right sleeve edge, the front end of the fabric is folded on both sides at a 90-degree angle, and the fold is just connected to the edge of the bib.

Finally, splicing and retreating, so how to make it retreat, fold the fabric on both sides, and the rear end just folds to the edge of the cut opening. Note that when sewing the retreat part, you can only sew halfway along the bottom end. If you sew all the way to the fork The dog's ass in the mouth can't be exposed!

Next, cut off a small part of the front leg sleeves. This is to prevent the dog's front cuffs from opening too much. Now you can sew the front leg sleeves and the front bib. When sewing, pay attention to the most It is best to sew horizontally and vertically, so that the sewed clothes are stronger and not easy to open. Sew horizontally first, then sew vertically

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