What types of pet clothes are there?

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Dog clothing matching, first of all look at the length of the dog's hair, it is a long-haired dog, you must not buy too thick clothes, it is more suitable for pure cotton or gauze skirt, very beautiful. For color matching of clothes. Red is a versatile color for dogs. Light pink can also be used. It is not easy to wear dark or light-colored clothes. Dark colors are too oppressive, and light colors are not resistant to dirt.
The main categories of dog clothes are:
1. Vests, sweaters, fleece, denim, two- or four-legged clothes, down jackets, raincoats, and windbreakers can actually be undressed when it is hot, and other dog clothes should be purchased according to the seasons.
2. Two-legged clothes tend to be decorated and beautified. If you are warm, there is no boxer coat. Two-legged clothes are easy to wear, and even when the dog grows up, it can collapse properly again.
3. The four-legged clothes are warmer and more suitable for the cold winter. But it's a little more cumbersome to wear.

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