How to properly use a dog leash, collar and harness

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When you take your pet dog for a walk, in order to prevent them from getting lost, biting with other dogs, or biting people, etc., we need to use leash, collar and chest harness to do some basic training. So how do we correctly use the collar, chest strap and traction rope to achieve a better correction effect?

The leash is an important link that is easy to correct when the pet dog does improper behavior during activities. The material of the leash for pet dogs is mostly nylon, and there are several types. You can choose according to your own and your pet's needs:

The length of the rope is 50CM, which can control the dog at the owner's feet;

3 The length of the rope is 50-75CM, we usually use this rope when walking;

4 The length of the rope is 150-375CM. This kind of rope is generally used in the training process.

5. The length of the rope is 180-300CM, which can relax the dog's range of activities.

6. In addition, the retractable traction rope can be used by large, small and medium-sized dogs. It can automatically adjust the length of the rope, which is very convenient.

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